Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Another Post

No more shows for this year. Will have to wait for the holidays to pass. Just wanted to have another post before 2010.

Here, Jasper is the miniature schnauzer who is 5th in the line, in the middle of the mini pincher and the boxer. This is the working group.

Anyway, we plan to bring the dogs at Sereneda for an exercise walk plus dog and human socialization.

Merry Christmas everyone! Good tidings to you and your pets!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dog Shows 2009

PCCI concluded its last dog show for the year this weekend of December. So we'll be seeing the other dogs, the dog owners, the handlers, the judges and the PCCI staff next year.

But before we end our 2009 activities, let's hear a "Hooray!"

Jasper has been awarded his trophy. PCCI has declared him a Philippine Grand Champion and the Number One Schnauzer for the year 2009.

We are so so sooo happy! We are thankful to so many (to Him of course). Special thanks as well to his Tito Jun and Tita Joy who cares for Jasper like we do, heheh.

Special mention would be his handler Jun, his breeder Dingdong and his dog friends and their MS owners of the Philippine Miniature Schnauzer Club.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

On the Ring

More on dog show judging and ring action . . .

Certified Inspection

Here we go again at the dog show and time to get into the ring. I never fail to get that nervous feeling every time my dogs parade.

Just like any live performance, anything can happen. Dogs can be at the peak of their act but there are those days that they are not in the mood to do their thing.

Every dog gets on the inspection table under the scrutiny of the judge's eyes and hands. A well-exercised dog may prove good points under the feel of the judge's hands. Teeth? Check. Ears? Check. Front legs? Check. Body? Check. Hind legs? Check. Okay, down you go doggie and let's see how you walk in the ring . . . here and there, in a triangle, back and forth. Hmmmm.

The dog must conform to the breed standard as to size, must be in the acceptable range for height, length and weight. Even how the tail and the ears are set are also considered. The color and the condition of the coat also count and how alert the dog is, is mentally noted by the judge.

The competing dogs are required to stay in a confident, steady, pose - stocking, that's what it's called. They line-up for the judge to see how they all look together for comparison and for him to be able to make the right selection for the "winner dog".

Judging can be tough most of the time. The looks, the grooming, the conformity to the breed's standard, the gait, the alertness, the dog's stage presence in the ring and the over-all appeal . . . wow, so many factors to consider and all of these mentally noted per dog.

Anyway, these dog shows are there for all of us to enjoy, the owners, the handlers, the breeders, the organizers, the sponsors, the audience and the judges themselves.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best in Show

I am always so excited to see Jasper compete with other beautiful dogs of different breeds for "Best in Show". I just love the parade of the best representative dogs of their breed.

Both owner and handler surely want their dogs to be included in this parade and take possession of the title as the Best-in-Show dog. This concluding portion had always been a tough one since all the dogs look great with their impressive form, but only one dog wins this coveted title, usually the one who has this unique air of confidence that winners have.

The Pomeranian won this day's event. Congratulations!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Event Celebration

What a great day this is! Today, we found out that Jasper is now a Philippine Grand Champion dog as proclaimed by the PCCI (Philippine Canine Club Inc.).

What a coincidence, for the day we got him last year and the day that he finally earned all the credited wins, is exactly the same month and day. Wow!

I just feel like a truly proud parent. I am so thankful. Yoohoo!

Above is a short video clip of Jasper's latest win for Best-in-Terrier Group category.