Monday, February 25, 2013

Groom That Dog

Here's Joaqui on top of the grooming table. What's in his mind?

Joaqui must be saying to himself, "Hmmm, it's snip-snip time again. Brush here, ouch there."

Yes, grooming can be painful at times. Matted coat, usually at the tummy area and "under-the-arm", when combed can be painful 'coz the tangled hair is often times unintentionally pulled with a jerk. Ouch!

That is why, when I do comb and come across a tangle, I try to de-tangle manually with my bear hands. If the case if severe, I just cut-off the portion of the coat, but ensuring that the outcome would not be so horrible, heheh. But a decision must be made, right.

Periodic grooming is a must for it also serves as a check-up if everything is okay, especially with the coat. Eyes, ears, nails, nose, teeth, tongue, paws and "poop and pee areas" are also checked, in case something may be there that may be bothering the dog.