Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Another Post

No more shows for this year. Will have to wait for the holidays to pass. Just wanted to have another post before 2010.

Here, Jasper is the miniature schnauzer who is 5th in the line, in the middle of the mini pincher and the boxer. This is the working group.

Anyway, we plan to bring the dogs at Sereneda for an exercise walk plus dog and human socialization.

Merry Christmas everyone! Good tidings to you and your pets!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dog Shows 2009

PCCI concluded its last dog show for the year this weekend of December. So we'll be seeing the other dogs, the dog owners, the handlers, the judges and the PCCI staff next year.

But before we end our 2009 activities, let's hear a "Hooray!"

Jasper has been awarded his trophy. PCCI has declared him a Philippine Grand Champion and the Number One Schnauzer for the year 2009.

We are so so sooo happy! We are thankful to so many (to Him of course). Special thanks as well to his Tito Jun and Tita Joy who cares for Jasper like we do, heheh.

Special mention would be his handler Jun, his breeder Dingdong and his dog friends and their MS owners of the Philippine Miniature Schnauzer Club.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

On the Ring

More on dog show judging and ring action . . .

Certified Inspection

Here we go again at the dog show and time to get into the ring. I never fail to get that nervous feeling every time my dogs parade.

Just like any live performance, anything can happen. Dogs can be at the peak of their act but there are those days that they are not in the mood to do their thing.

Every dog gets on the inspection table under the scrutiny of the judge's eyes and hands. A well-exercised dog may prove good points under the feel of the judge's hands. Teeth? Check. Ears? Check. Front legs? Check. Body? Check. Hind legs? Check. Okay, down you go doggie and let's see how you walk in the ring . . . here and there, in a triangle, back and forth. Hmmmm.

The dog must conform to the breed standard as to size, must be in the acceptable range for height, length and weight. Even how the tail and the ears are set are also considered. The color and the condition of the coat also count and how alert the dog is, is mentally noted by the judge.

The competing dogs are required to stay in a confident, steady, pose - stocking, that's what it's called. They line-up for the judge to see how they all look together for comparison and for him to be able to make the right selection for the "winner dog".

Judging can be tough most of the time. The looks, the grooming, the conformity to the breed's standard, the gait, the alertness, the dog's stage presence in the ring and the over-all appeal . . . wow, so many factors to consider and all of these mentally noted per dog.

Anyway, these dog shows are there for all of us to enjoy, the owners, the handlers, the breeders, the organizers, the sponsors, the audience and the judges themselves.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best in Show

I am always so excited to see Jasper compete with other beautiful dogs of different breeds for "Best in Show". I just love the parade of the best representative dogs of their breed.

Both owner and handler surely want their dogs to be included in this parade and take possession of the title as the Best-in-Show dog. This concluding portion had always been a tough one since all the dogs look great with their impressive form, but only one dog wins this coveted title, usually the one who has this unique air of confidence that winners have.

The Pomeranian won this day's event. Congratulations!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Event Celebration

What a great day this is! Today, we found out that Jasper is now a Philippine Grand Champion dog as proclaimed by the PCCI (Philippine Canine Club Inc.).

What a coincidence, for the day we got him last year and the day that he finally earned all the credited wins, is exactly the same month and day. Wow!

I just feel like a truly proud parent. I am so thankful. Yoohoo!

Above is a short video clip of Jasper's latest win for Best-in-Terrier Group category.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dog Training Program

Dog Training
It is the process of teaching a dog (Canis lupus familiaris) to perform certain actions in response to certain commands which the dog is trained to understand. It is a general term which does not, by itself, describe what or how the dog is taught. There are many methods and objectives of training. Dogs may be trained to:
  • follow obedience commands (part of obedience training)
  • perform tricks casually or for circus acts
  • be a guide dog to lead the blind
  • be a rescue dog to find victims of a disaster
  • be a hunting dog to aid in hunting
  • aid in herding, tracking, coursing, and retrieving
  • follow agility commands
  • serve as a guard animal
Dogs as Pack Animals
As pack animals, wild dogs have natural instincts that favor cooperation with their fellow dogs. Many domestic dogs, either through instinct or breeding, can correctly interpret and respond to signals given by a human handler.

Basic Training
Most dogs, no matter what their eventual advanced training or intended purpose, live with people who want them to behave in a way that make them pleasant to be around, keep them safe, and provide for the safety of other people and pets. Dogs do not figure out basic obedience on their own; they must be trained.

The hardest part of training is communicating with the dog in a humane way that he understands. However, the underlying principle of all communication is simple: reward desired behavior while ignoring or correcting undesired behavior.

Basic Pet Obedience Training
This usually consists of (6) six behaviors:
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall ("come", "here" or "in")
  • Close (or loose-leash walking)
  • Heel

Corrections should never include harmful physical force or violence. Using force while training is controversial and should not be taken lightly, because even if it ends the behavior, when applied inappropriately with some dogs it may lead to a loss of drive (enthusiasm for the given task), stress, and in some cases even aggression. A handler may decide to use force, however, the standard used by most trainers is the minimum amount necessary to inhibit the unwanted behavior.

Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Win Sweeps

Dog shows? Dog show superintendent, dog show handler, dog show training, dog show grooming . . . . yup we're back to those things. You see, the year is soon to end. Even the show ring has the Yuletide touch now.

It's been a while since Jasper had competed. We have not gone to a dog show for months since Jasper had his coat plucked. This weekend his coat is long enough to enlist in this show.

Jasper's friends have been winning the shows for the last months. That's great! Even the new doggies have taken center stage.

While Manny Pacquiao, Ang Pambansang Kamao (The National Fist), had been throwing his mighty punches, as viewed on television by a portion of the crowd at the dogshow, Jasper was also trying to walk his best gaiet at the ring.

To our delight, he captured the judge's heart to win the "Best of Breed" medal for miniature schnauzers.

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao and Jasper, the champions in small packages!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Born Photos

When Joaqui visited the province of Quezon, there were seven new-born puppies there. The pups were all fast as sleep just like the seven dwarfs when Snow White visited their home. The little critters were dozing off in complete contentment as their Mother dog kept on guard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Provincial Life

Let's hear it from Joaqui, the city miniature schnauzer trying out the life in the province.

Joaqui's thoughts . . . "Hmmm, so this is Quezon province, Philippines. Sunny day and the air is cool and fresh, okidoki."

"Great staying here inside the nipa hut, cool shade from Mr. Sun. I do get to see everything from up here, but how do I get down from here."

"Okay, now that I'm down, how do I get out. I want to run out there. How about chasing those chickens. I have to have some fun."

"Hey, hey, some attention for the poor dog here please."

"Now that's more like it. This stuff is good. Can I have more?"

Joaqui did liked staying at the province for the day. He liked the cows and chickens. He loved coconut juice. He'll be visiting here again, given the chance and if there's no scheduled dog shows on weekends. Now, that's life.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Province Healthcare, Trying Out the Province Air

Joaqui checked out his calendar and saw it will soon be Christmas. He visited the province and tried the sunny atmosphere of Quezon. Hmmm, sure is warm outside just as I thought it will soon be Christmas, he was thinking then.

He has never seen cows before. He was curious but did not barked at the big white animals.

He stayed at the nipa hut for a while, just trying to get a hang of his new surroundings after hours of a very early trip here. He enjoyed the view and the open air.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meeting and Making New Friends

Today, we feature Manuel. Manuel is a little boy whom Joaqui, my pet dog, met at the fun match of miniature schnauzers that was held in a newly renovated and upgraded mall in Makati, Metro Manila.

Manuel , to my surprise, is the twin brother of Enrique. Now who's Enrique to my dogs? Joaqui doesn't know him but Jasper does. Jasper is my other pet dog.

The idea is kinda cute. Jasper meeting Enrique in a dog show and Joaqui meeting the twin brother, Manuel in this dog show.
Manuel wasn't sure if he wants to be friends with Joaqui, 'coz Joaqui looks fierce, what with that beard.
Taking a step closer to Joaqui, Manuel realizes the dog is not a threat.
Testing the water, Manuel offers his hand to make friends as Joaqui looks on, seems like he's giving it some thought.
Manuel, looks him straight in the eyes, assuring him it's okay to be friends with little boys like him.
Manuel let's Joaqui be familiarized with him, his smell, his touch. Hmmm.
Now, they're friends.
Good boy, ET. No Manuel, he's name is Joaqui.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Errand Runners

The crate, I cannot over-emphasize the usefulness of the crate to me and the necessity that my dogs are comfortable being transported anywhere inside the crate. Not that they travel by air like my friend's dog, who goes to Cebu (Philippines) every now and then to visit his owner's relatives. Some dogs, like some human, get dizzy when traveling.

Today, I was kinda busy running errands and I brought along Joaqui, my miniature schnauzer. My first stop was at the laundry shop to get our clean laundry and drop off the ones needing washing. It has been raining for days now, what after two super typhoons.

From there we went to a house in Manila (not spared by the traffic), where he got to walk for a while. After checking that things are okay, we went Southbound and passed momentarily at a convenient store prior heading the grocery. I just bought food to cook for dinner at the grocery.

I was a little worried since the dog looks tired, so I decided to go straight home now. When we arrived and he got out of the crate, I gave him his tennis ball. He started to move around and play. He is his old self again. What a relief! I made him drink water and let him run around the garden for a while, there at the back of the house.

Errands done, the dog is fine. The pooch slept well. A tried dog is a happy dog they say. This has been a great day with Joaqui!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kennel Exercise

Can't help sharing this funny dog video. I am this lazy about exercising this year.

However, what's good about regularly walking your dog, is that you get to walk as well. Just make it long enough and far enough to make the most of it, for you and your dog.

To keep you motivated, pick a place that you like and can help you breathe some fresh air while enjoying the surroundings. I tried it with my dog, Joaqui. We took a walk at the church yard, during an off hour in the afternoon. I just take in the air and the view. We had a great time together.

So keep walking the dog okay.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walkin' the Dog, Dog Socalizing

When the sun is up and the grass is dry, then it's time to go socialize the dogs. We go to dog-friendly places like Tiendesitas, Eastwood and Serendra.

We went to Serendra, Global City, Taguig where we get to see other dogs such as seen on the photos. Our friends, MS (miniature schnauzer) owners were meeting at our usual site, "Doughnuts and Coffee" where great crispy kreme donuts reside, heheh. We usually walk the dogs together, so we go in packs, walking and exchanging updates, stories, dog show tales, etc.

It seems that the other dogs come in packs as well during this last visit. There were groups of shi-tzu, Siberian husky and beagle. Joaqui, that's my dog, met a chihuahua, a dog with shoes on, a shi-tzu puppy with its little-girl owner and other dogs and children too. He was so excited seeing dogs and human alike. He also got his share of exercise by walking around the block for like a zillion times. He was a tired, happy dog when we went home. Sleep tight Joaqui.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Doggy Gates, Who's that Doggy in the Window?

Was gone for a while, to the shopping mall, since the weather forecast advises that a super typhoon is expected the next day. I went to buy a rechargeable lamp. My old one bogged down, due to its being idle for a period of time. Better be ready in case there's no power like what happened during the recent typhoon.

After two hours, I returned home to find a doggy head peeping out of my window. My faithful pooch, Joaqui, has sensed my arrival. He knows the sound of my vehicle parking outside. He is silent for a while, just watching me going down from the car and bringing in the stuff I bought (yup, I bought some other stuff, this and that. You know how moms and wives are).

I bought snacks for my kiddos (my human sons, you know how teens look for snacks, less you want to hear them say there's no food to eat in the house. They have a different definition of food. They crave after some time in front of their laptops.

Back to Joaqui, who was not really left alone (though if you ask him, he surely felt alone, as I have given a hint, his human brothers are busy with their computers, but I appreciate that the kids still enjoy each others company).

A soft whimpering sound came from the window, meaning "come on, open the door and go inside the house now", that's how I interpret my dog's language.

Well, the dog welcomed me as I went inside. His human brothers? Do you have to ask?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dog Show Awards . . . Award Trophies

It was like watching my children in a Quiz Bee competition or enlisting my sons in a declamation contest. These dog shows do give me butterflies in my tummy.

Before the shows, we make preparations for the dogs. We check their size and weight so we can do some tinkering in the proportions of their food and supplements, whether to increase or decrease the quantity. We check on the condition of their coat, including the length. We look into the rest of the grooming requirements like the nails, ears, eyes, etc. We ensure they practice the correct parade stint during their morning walks, not just for exercise but more, so they can have that winning gait. Of course, we should have that positive attitude that they will win.

In case, they don't win, then joining the show is counted as additional practice and experience. This is good exposure for the dog. They must be made at ease at the ring with the other dogs, both of their breed and those of the different breeds, sizes and even sounds.

Here, my heart was bursting with joy as I watch Joaqui hurdle the competition and bag the trophy, haaay!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crate Training

Crates . . .

Crates, I did not buy the idea at first. It felt like the dog will be inside a cage alone. I did not know better before. I have zero knowledge when I got my pet, remember.
I always picture cute dogs on top of the master's lap, inside a shiny red car. I even see this on TV, dogs peeping outside the window of a moving vehicle, the hair on their faces blown by the wind.

It is actually fun that way. My dogs have been crate-trained at a young age, more because of the need-basis.
This makes it easier for them to tag along when going somewhere, specially in dog shows or a visit to the veterinarian for their vet meds and immunization vaccines. My first dog was sick when we got him so we frequented the clinic of his pretty young vet.

They are also accustomed to riding vehicles for "not-so-short" drives (we live in the South), for we bring them go to pet-friendly places like Serendra, Eastwood and Tiendesitas for some exercise and socializing, both with dogs and human.

When they sense everyone has dressed up and with shoes on, they too are a bit excited. When we open the door of the crate, they go inside by themselves, cute in a way.

Lately, I put the crate inside the house. I observe that when they want some peaceful time, they go inside the crate. They just stay there a while to rest a little or sleep. One other thing they do? They go hide there when bath time comes.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pet Care Plus

I wanna pet Mommy!!! I want one!!!

This is Jasper in a tee.

The Matrix . . .

One. Deciding
When you finally decide to keep a pet, it is just the beginning. There are many possibilities, you bought it, somebody gave it to you, it was a pet share, you adopted a stray animal, you became the new owner by default (it is your child’s pet suppose to be). My pets are my husband’s and you probably know how this sentence ends.

Two. Committing and Selecting
It is like having kids, once you have them, they become your responsibility. They can be your bundle of joy or thorns of sorrows, so to say, but they remain your children forever, if you know what I mean. So you better
decide with care before committing to owning a pet. Next is the selection process. What kind of pet do I take in? If it is a dog, like ours, what breed? What size? How many (oh pleassse). There are some important factors to consider. See my other post on this one.

Three. Giving a Name
Twin decision to the above is naming your pet. Spike, Cera, Ducky or Little Foot? Will you name it after a family member or your neighbor's? Shall you pick a name on a baby book or a calendar? Better pick a good one, for you will repeatedly be hearing that name, sweetly sometimes, or in a roar for other times, when the pet misbehaves. Giving your pet a name is synonymous to recognizing him, that is, giving him a life with you and your family.

Four. Answering Needs
You have to buy food, that's first and foremost, the food dish and water bottle included. Prepare his sleeping corner. If the kiddo will sleep outside the house, just check for protection from the rain, the sun and insects (and even dog nappers.) Think about where he will eliminate (toilet training), and where he can get his exercise, his training, even his playing activities and recreation. If your pet has a coat, then you must not forget about grooming. There are shops offering grooming services. The vet can do the nails and the ears, you can do the rest if you know how. By the way, provide for proper diet. Too much or too little food and water can be harmful, not to mention too much treats and toys as well. Don't be trapped with my mistake of giving too much. Good enough, I have learned to control myself. However, I must admit I still spoil them, and that makes my life more difficult, in terms of caring for the rascals.

Five. Keeping Supplies and Grooming Tools
On supplies, I can speak only for my dogs right now. Cats and other pets have different supply requirements. My dogs need bathing things like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, including the containers and towels. It is handy to have supplies of alcohol, cotton, baby wipes, tissue, cotton swab sticks, ear cleaning solution. Optional things would be grooming chalk or powder or cornstarch, baby oil, waterless/rinse less type of shampoos, gel or spray net, a spray bottle with water, small doggie plastic bags for the poop.

For grooming, I keep combs (with and without handles), a slicker brush, a big hairbrush, a clipper, stripping knives, thinning scissors, a straight-edged barber scissors and other grooming sears, a battery-operated clipper, a nail cutter (one is battery-operated and another is a like a pair of big scissors) plus a nail file. I also provided for a grooming table, a heavy-duty blower, a hand held hair dryer and leash of all sorts. It's fun to buy silly dog clothes and accessories.

Six. Providing for Medications and Vaccines
Better that you ask your veterinarian on this one. For my doggies, the vet keeps records on a dog health book for all their vaccinations, and that could be a lot, including booster shots and the periodic shots. For medications, these again depends on your vet, he can prescribe vitamins and pet meds for the usual concerns such as, no appetite, skin irritations, coat issues, ticks and fleas, etc.

Seven. Having Fun
Let you and your pets have fun together. Expose the pets to human and other animals as well. Socializing, for my dogs, keep them a little more tamed, than when they are in their pens and crates. Yes, don't forget to get hold of crates for mobility. You can have your pets tag along with you during travels when you have pet crates available. There are pet-friendly venues like Serendra, Eastwood and Tiendesitas. You can even find air-conditioned restaurants and vacation houses willing to accommodate your little critters.

There are different languages of love you can select from to use for your pets. So choose wisely.

This is Jasper at 2 months (ears uncropped).

I used to look at (my dog) Smokey and think, 'If you were a little smarter, you could tell me what you were thinking,' and he'd look at me like he was saying, 'If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to. Fred Jungclaus

I have a great dog. She's half Lab, half pit bull. A good combination. Sure, she might bite off my leg, but she'll bring it back to me. Jimi Celeste.

Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs. Martha Scott

When you leave them in the morning, they stick their nose in the door crack and stand there like a portrait until you turn the key eight hours later.Erma Bombeck

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dog as Pet, Naming your Dog

Dog as Pet, Naming your Dog
You may
want to check the 101 names given to some of the dogs we know (my pets and myself, that is), because this may trigger you to think of whatever to lovingly call your own pet when you get one (or two).





Jap Jap
Jon Jon
Kring Kring
Mei Mei
Mon Mon

Green - MS friends
Blue - Other MS (miniature schnauzers)
Violet - Pekingese
Gold - Other friends

Note: 15% of the names start with the letter "S", 13 % with "M" and 11% with "C"
We have 1 cat friend, Totoy Bibo in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How about you, what's your pet's name, want to share with us?
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