Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winning Tips

Jot down some things I got from dog-show experiences, my own and that of others.

o Know the breed standards of your dog and "know thy dog" as well, faults and strengths.

o Familiarize yourself with your competitors, are they champion dogs? Surely they too have faults and strengths.

o Get your dog ready, grooming and as well as walking practices.

o Socialize your dog
with humans and other animals. Have him for long walks. That will be good exercise as well. Lots of benefits on this.

o Have the dog trained by the handler himself before the date of the show for bonding and familiarization (if possible).

Don't forget to have fun in these dog shows.
Even if your dog does not win this time, it's still good exposure for the little critter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Friend's Pet

This is Teemee, my friend's miniature schnauzer. This MS is a "she". She lives in California, USA.

She is so comfy with the cam. She is adorable.