Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PCCI Features Jasper's Win at the Show

One of those joyous, memorable days . . . qualifying for the challenging competition among other beautiful dog breeds and winning . . .

An added accomplishment is that "hubby" decided to take on the role of being Jasper's handler for that event. This is why he has this opportunity to be the one in the photo.

However, we have the official photographer of the PCCI (Philippine Cannine Club Incorporated) to capture the precious moment. A plus is the posting of these photos on the PCCI site.

As for me, I work behind the camera, grooming table and bath faucet. Cool!


The Philippine Canine Club, Inc. was founded on March 21, 1963, as a non-stock, non-profit service-oriented corporation organized for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the love for pure-bred dogs. The Club's charter extends until year 2038 and authorizes PCCI to maintain a registry of pure-bred dogs or stud books and to conduct dog shows and competitions.

In addition to the studbooks, PCCI maintains a registry of regular and associate members, and of litters and kennel names. PCCI issues registration certificates and certified pedigree certificates of dogs, and confers championship titles, obedience and field trial titles to qualified dogs. PCCI issues dog show judging licenses to qualified members for individual breeds, groups of breeds and all breeds of pure-bred dogs.

As a federal member of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), an international organization of registering bodies based in Brussels, Belgium, PCCI is the only accredited registering body in the Philippines for purebred dogs. PCCI documents are recognized by the national registry organizations in all FCI-member countries and in the United States, by the American Kennel Club and Canada by the Canadian Kennel Club. PCCI is also one of the original members of the Asian Kennel Union (AKU) based in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: PCCI Official Website

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walkin' The Dog

Joaqui is always hopeful and looks forward enthusiastically to his daily walk in the morning before his breakfast.

It serves as an exercise for him and for me as well. In addition, the activity becomes a bonding moment and an opportunity to have him exposed to the environment, to people especially kids and to animals like other dogs, cats, birds and insects.

I read some interesting notes on dog walking:

Dog walking is both a pastime and a profession involving the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog's residence and then returning. This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.

Dogs are walked with a collar around their neck, or a harness around their waist, which is less common, or by following their owner by familiarity and verbal control (where safe). Commonly the dog is walked by the owner, or another family member, but there are also professional dog walkers.