Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dog Training Program

Dog Training
It is the process of teaching a dog (Canis lupus familiaris) to perform certain actions in response to certain commands which the dog is trained to understand. It is a general term which does not, by itself, describe what or how the dog is taught. There are many methods and objectives of training. Dogs may be trained to:
  • follow obedience commands (part of obedience training)
  • perform tricks casually or for circus acts
  • be a guide dog to lead the blind
  • be a rescue dog to find victims of a disaster
  • be a hunting dog to aid in hunting
  • aid in herding, tracking, coursing, and retrieving
  • follow agility commands
  • serve as a guard animal
Dogs as Pack Animals
As pack animals, wild dogs have natural instincts that favor cooperation with their fellow dogs. Many domestic dogs, either through instinct or breeding, can correctly interpret and respond to signals given by a human handler.

Basic Training
Most dogs, no matter what their eventual advanced training or intended purpose, live with people who want them to behave in a way that make them pleasant to be around, keep them safe, and provide for the safety of other people and pets. Dogs do not figure out basic obedience on their own; they must be trained.

The hardest part of training is communicating with the dog in a humane way that he understands. However, the underlying principle of all communication is simple: reward desired behavior while ignoring or correcting undesired behavior.

Basic Pet Obedience Training
This usually consists of (6) six behaviors:
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall ("come", "here" or "in")
  • Close (or loose-leash walking)
  • Heel

Corrections should never include harmful physical force or violence. Using force while training is controversial and should not be taken lightly, because even if it ends the behavior, when applied inappropriately with some dogs it may lead to a loss of drive (enthusiasm for the given task), stress, and in some cases even aggression. A handler may decide to use force, however, the standard used by most trainers is the minimum amount necessary to inhibit the unwanted behavior.

Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Win Sweeps

Dog shows? Dog show superintendent, dog show handler, dog show training, dog show grooming . . . . yup we're back to those things. You see, the year is soon to end. Even the show ring has the Yuletide touch now.

It's been a while since Jasper had competed. We have not gone to a dog show for months since Jasper had his coat plucked. This weekend his coat is long enough to enlist in this show.

Jasper's friends have been winning the shows for the last months. That's great! Even the new doggies have taken center stage.

While Manny Pacquiao, Ang Pambansang Kamao (The National Fist), had been throwing his mighty punches, as viewed on television by a portion of the crowd at the dogshow, Jasper was also trying to walk his best gaiet at the ring.

To our delight, he captured the judge's heart to win the "Best of Breed" medal for miniature schnauzers.

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao and Jasper, the champions in small packages!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Born Photos

When Joaqui visited the province of Quezon, there were seven new-born puppies there. The pups were all fast as sleep just like the seven dwarfs when Snow White visited their home. The little critters were dozing off in complete contentment as their Mother dog kept on guard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Provincial Life

Let's hear it from Joaqui, the city miniature schnauzer trying out the life in the province.

Joaqui's thoughts . . . "Hmmm, so this is Quezon province, Philippines. Sunny day and the air is cool and fresh, okidoki."

"Great staying here inside the nipa hut, cool shade from Mr. Sun. I do get to see everything from up here, but how do I get down from here."

"Okay, now that I'm down, how do I get out. I want to run out there. How about chasing those chickens. I have to have some fun."

"Hey, hey, some attention for the poor dog here please."

"Now that's more like it. This stuff is good. Can I have more?"

Joaqui did liked staying at the province for the day. He liked the cows and chickens. He loved coconut juice. He'll be visiting here again, given the chance and if there's no scheduled dog shows on weekends. Now, that's life.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Province Healthcare, Trying Out the Province Air

Joaqui checked out his calendar and saw it will soon be Christmas. He visited the province and tried the sunny atmosphere of Quezon. Hmmm, sure is warm outside just as I thought it will soon be Christmas, he was thinking then.

He has never seen cows before. He was curious but did not barked at the big white animals.

He stayed at the nipa hut for a while, just trying to get a hang of his new surroundings after hours of a very early trip here. He enjoyed the view and the open air.