Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meeting and Making New Friends

Today, we feature Manuel. Manuel is a little boy whom Joaqui, my pet dog, met at the fun match of miniature schnauzers that was held in a newly renovated and upgraded mall in Makati, Metro Manila.

Manuel , to my surprise, is the twin brother of Enrique. Now who's Enrique to my dogs? Joaqui doesn't know him but Jasper does. Jasper is my other pet dog.

The idea is kinda cute. Jasper meeting Enrique in a dog show and Joaqui meeting the twin brother, Manuel in this dog show.
Manuel wasn't sure if he wants to be friends with Joaqui, 'coz Joaqui looks fierce, what with that beard.
Taking a step closer to Joaqui, Manuel realizes the dog is not a threat.
Testing the water, Manuel offers his hand to make friends as Joaqui looks on, seems like he's giving it some thought.
Manuel, looks him straight in the eyes, assuring him it's okay to be friends with little boys like him.
Manuel let's Joaqui be familiarized with him, his smell, his touch. Hmmm.
Now, they're friends.
Good boy, ET. No Manuel, he's name is Joaqui.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Errand Runners

The crate, I cannot over-emphasize the usefulness of the crate to me and the necessity that my dogs are comfortable being transported anywhere inside the crate. Not that they travel by air like my friend's dog, who goes to Cebu (Philippines) every now and then to visit his owner's relatives. Some dogs, like some human, get dizzy when traveling.

Today, I was kinda busy running errands and I brought along Joaqui, my miniature schnauzer. My first stop was at the laundry shop to get our clean laundry and drop off the ones needing washing. It has been raining for days now, what after two super typhoons.

From there we went to a house in Manila (not spared by the traffic), where he got to walk for a while. After checking that things are okay, we went Southbound and passed momentarily at a convenient store prior heading the grocery. I just bought food to cook for dinner at the grocery.

I was a little worried since the dog looks tired, so I decided to go straight home now. When we arrived and he got out of the crate, I gave him his tennis ball. He started to move around and play. He is his old self again. What a relief! I made him drink water and let him run around the garden for a while, there at the back of the house.

Errands done, the dog is fine. The pooch slept well. A tried dog is a happy dog they say. This has been a great day with Joaqui!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kennel Exercise

Can't help sharing this funny dog video. I am this lazy about exercising this year.

However, what's good about regularly walking your dog, is that you get to walk as well. Just make it long enough and far enough to make the most of it, for you and your dog.

To keep you motivated, pick a place that you like and can help you breathe some fresh air while enjoying the surroundings. I tried it with my dog, Joaqui. We took a walk at the church yard, during an off hour in the afternoon. I just take in the air and the view. We had a great time together.

So keep walking the dog okay.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walkin' the Dog, Dog Socalizing

When the sun is up and the grass is dry, then it's time to go socialize the dogs. We go to dog-friendly places like Tiendesitas, Eastwood and Serendra.

We went to Serendra, Global City, Taguig where we get to see other dogs such as seen on the photos. Our friends, MS (miniature schnauzer) owners were meeting at our usual site, "Doughnuts and Coffee" where great crispy kreme donuts reside, heheh. We usually walk the dogs together, so we go in packs, walking and exchanging updates, stories, dog show tales, etc.

It seems that the other dogs come in packs as well during this last visit. There were groups of shi-tzu, Siberian husky and beagle. Joaqui, that's my dog, met a chihuahua, a dog with shoes on, a shi-tzu puppy with its little-girl owner and other dogs and children too. He was so excited seeing dogs and human alike. He also got his share of exercise by walking around the block for like a zillion times. He was a tired, happy dog when we went home. Sleep tight Joaqui.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Doggy Gates, Who's that Doggy in the Window?

Was gone for a while, to the shopping mall, since the weather forecast advises that a super typhoon is expected the next day. I went to buy a rechargeable lamp. My old one bogged down, due to its being idle for a period of time. Better be ready in case there's no power like what happened during the recent typhoon.

After two hours, I returned home to find a doggy head peeping out of my window. My faithful pooch, Joaqui, has sensed my arrival. He knows the sound of my vehicle parking outside. He is silent for a while, just watching me going down from the car and bringing in the stuff I bought (yup, I bought some other stuff, this and that. You know how moms and wives are).

I bought snacks for my kiddos (my human sons, you know how teens look for snacks, less you want to hear them say there's no food to eat in the house. They have a different definition of food. They crave after some time in front of their laptops.

Back to Joaqui, who was not really left alone (though if you ask him, he surely felt alone, as I have given a hint, his human brothers are busy with their computers, but I appreciate that the kids still enjoy each others company).

A soft whimpering sound came from the window, meaning "come on, open the door and go inside the house now", that's how I interpret my dog's language.

Well, the dog welcomed me as I went inside. His human brothers? Do you have to ask?