Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Let The Dogs Out

Cool! Super cool!

The schnauzers went to the province for that cool, fresh air and lovely early sunshine.

Seemingly like active ponies, Jasper and Joaqui loved running around free, though within the boundaries of the bamboo fence.

The furry dogs also tried it up there at the tree house, overlooking the place with trees and a view of the mountain ranges.

It turned out to be an enjoyable weekend with the doggies . . . with family.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Successful Dog Handling Endeavor

Yup, that's right, after accepting some defeats (more so by Jasper upon being handled by his owner, yuk, yuk, yuk), my husband finally proved that with determination and persistence (and daily practice with the super-active dog, Jasper, they can actually win in the dog show. And what do you know, the coveted win was being Third Best in Group, rising over other beautiful dogs, a doberman, a boxer, a pincher, to mention some.

Wow, this is truly a great achievement! Am so so so over the top on this one, heheh.