Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cool Day for a Walk

Joaqui and I were about to go for our morning walk when I felt a sudden gush of cool air. I needed something to warm me up, so I hooked up Joaqui to the car for a while and I ran inside the house for a light jacket.

I was confident Joaqui would be a behaved dog while I leave him for a while. True enough, he was not moving much when I came back to resume our plan of strolling in the neighborhood on that cool, fine day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Chore

Jasper, after his daily bath . . .

I place him under the stairs and he stays there until he is able to snooze off. He takes his nap for about 30 minutes. If I don't place him there, he would be playing roughly with Joaqui, so I keep them apart for a while until I finish my chores.

Jasper has to take his daily walk in the morning and in the evening or else he gets bored. He is not fond of toys. He looks forward to his regular exercise, in the form of walking.

Come on jasper, time for your walk . . .