Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Provincial Life

Let's hear it from Joaqui, the city miniature schnauzer trying out the life in the province.

Joaqui's thoughts . . . "Hmmm, so this is Quezon province, Philippines. Sunny day and the air is cool and fresh, okidoki."

"Great staying here inside the nipa hut, cool shade from Mr. Sun. I do get to see everything from up here, but how do I get down from here."

"Okay, now that I'm down, how do I get out. I want to run out there. How about chasing those chickens. I have to have some fun."

"Hey, hey, some attention for the poor dog here please."

"Now that's more like it. This stuff is good. Can I have more?"

Joaqui did liked staying at the province for the day. He liked the cows and chickens. He loved coconut juice. He'll be visiting here again, given the chance and if there's no scheduled dog shows on weekends. Now, that's life.

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