Monday, January 4, 2010

Pet Advise, A New View at my Pet for the New Year

Oh my, Jasper was down during the holidays. He was not able to join us during the New Year. He was confined in the hospital for fever during New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. He got us super worried.

However, we had him back after two days. He had a speedy recovery at home. I was there at his side especially the night I got him back. I monitored how he was doing and kept on giving him water and making him pee. That was the only thing I decided to contribute so he can recover fast. Of course we made sure he does not miss his medications.

Thank God, he is okay now. Not just okay, he's back to his mischievous self. I guess I can deal with that more than having him so behaved but so weak.

This experience has changed my attitude towards taking care of him. I was really starting to complain of his naughty behavior. For the new year, I have a new view of this super energetic dog.

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