Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trying Out Dog Handling

We went to take part of what we call a "fun match" where we brought our dogs for a friendly competition. We knew most of the guys who brought their MS since most of them are members of the MS Club and we see each other in the different dog shows.

This dog show was exclusive for miniature schnauzers for it is a project of the MS Club. Above, in ablue shirt, is my hubby with our dog, lining-up with the competitors.

Hey that's me stocking my dog, second handler from the left please. I think I was perspiring in spite of the cool air.

Whew! I am treading on unknown grounds . . . dog handling. But why not give it a try for fun, of course my dog should help out and behave.

My hubby also participated. Good thing we have two schnauzers, so we have a dog each to handle. It was a unique experience, like having to perform on stage, with a dog as your partner (and a partner knows better what to do than you, heheh).

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