Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ask and You'll Probably Find the Right Response

Hmmm . . .

Just looking back over the years from the time I got my puppies. What have been my toughest questions?

Maybe some of the readers out there have the proper answers. Seems like some things work for most of the dogs but not all. Basically, you have to get to know your dog very well so you will be able to do what is appropriate and right for your dog.

Some of the questions I encountered for my dogs and for those of my friends.

1. How to control barking
2. How to stop excessive marking habit
3. How to start socializing your dog
4. What are the basic shots needed by your dog, as a puppy and as it grows older
5. How to have your dog behave with other dogs and with children
6. What are the symptoms of a sick dog
7. What tools do you need for grooming
8. What's the best shampoo, soap and toothpaste for my dog
9. Cure for itches
10. Problem on chewing of the paws
11. Dealing with excessive shedding of coat
12. Things to remember when leaving your dog for a period of time
due to travel or some other reason
13. Addressing stained coat
14, Fast remedy for allergies
15. First aid for wounds

Sources of answers : doctors / vets, friends who are great dog owners, reading materials from books and from the internet

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