Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toys and Decors

I suddenly recalled these schnauzer figurines, so cute, capturing the significant features of the breed, plus they seem to be in motion.

Always in motion? Wait, that would be my mini-schnauzer. Joaqui would surely be "shiveringly" thrilled and in motion when at play with his toys.

He is crazy over this one, a "supposed-to-be" zebra rubber toy which he fights with full energy. He is so out-of-his head with this.

But nothing tops a "ball". Joaqui will definitely do anything to play with a ball, of any size, that is.

Just love, taking his photos playing with a ball. Sometimes, I really wonder how he is able to just toss it in the air like a little child.

Ah, dogs, forever the playful creatures.

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