Saturday, July 21, 2012

Agility Training, Rain or Shine

The rainy season has come, but the rains will not be a reason not to go for agility training.

 Train, train, even with the rain, hahah.

We have the training area for ourselves, so we went ahead and proceeded to our "NO-LEASH" training. Great!

Not that easy, even the trainer should be fit, or else he would be getting tired ahead of the dog, LOL.

Weave poles are the hardest for us. One trainer advised us to focus on the long dog walk first then everything else will be easier. Of course the see-saw is a challenge because of the thumping sound when the plank hits the ground.

I guess the easiest to master would be the A-frame then the hurdles then the tire ring (though not that easy at first, and still with leash-on, take note).

The  tunnels are also great challenges because the dog can only hear your voice but cannot see you guiding him, especially the collapsed tunnel.

As I say, "just enjoy the journey", rain or shine.

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