Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walkin' the Dog, Dog Socalizing

When the sun is up and the grass is dry, then it's time to go socialize the dogs. We go to dog-friendly places like Tiendesitas, Eastwood and Serendra.

We went to Serendra, Global City, Taguig where we get to see other dogs such as seen on the photos. Our friends, MS (miniature schnauzer) owners were meeting at our usual site, "Doughnuts and Coffee" where great crispy kreme donuts reside, heheh. We usually walk the dogs together, so we go in packs, walking and exchanging updates, stories, dog show tales, etc.

It seems that the other dogs come in packs as well during this last visit. There were groups of shi-tzu, Siberian husky and beagle. Joaqui, that's my dog, met a chihuahua, a dog with shoes on, a shi-tzu puppy with its little-girl owner and other dogs and children too. He was so excited seeing dogs and human alike. He also got his share of exercise by walking around the block for like a zillion times. He was a tired, happy dog when we went home. Sleep tight Joaqui.

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