Friday, October 2, 2009

Doggy Gates, Who's that Doggy in the Window?

Was gone for a while, to the shopping mall, since the weather forecast advises that a super typhoon is expected the next day. I went to buy a rechargeable lamp. My old one bogged down, due to its being idle for a period of time. Better be ready in case there's no power like what happened during the recent typhoon.

After two hours, I returned home to find a doggy head peeping out of my window. My faithful pooch, Joaqui, has sensed my arrival. He knows the sound of my vehicle parking outside. He is silent for a while, just watching me going down from the car and bringing in the stuff I bought (yup, I bought some other stuff, this and that. You know how moms and wives are).

I bought snacks for my kiddos (my human sons, you know how teens look for snacks, less you want to hear them say there's no food to eat in the house. They have a different definition of food. They crave after some time in front of their laptops.

Back to Joaqui, who was not really left alone (though if you ask him, he surely felt alone, as I have given a hint, his human brothers are busy with their computers, but I appreciate that the kids still enjoy each others company).

A soft whimpering sound came from the window, meaning "come on, open the door and go inside the house now", that's how I interpret my dog's language.

Well, the dog welcomed me as I went inside. His human brothers? Do you have to ask?

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