Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meeting and Making New Friends

Today, we feature Manuel. Manuel is a little boy whom Joaqui, my pet dog, met at the fun match of miniature schnauzers that was held in a newly renovated and upgraded mall in Makati, Metro Manila.

Manuel , to my surprise, is the twin brother of Enrique. Now who's Enrique to my dogs? Joaqui doesn't know him but Jasper does. Jasper is my other pet dog.

The idea is kinda cute. Jasper meeting Enrique in a dog show and Joaqui meeting the twin brother, Manuel in this dog show.
Manuel wasn't sure if he wants to be friends with Joaqui, 'coz Joaqui looks fierce, what with that beard.
Taking a step closer to Joaqui, Manuel realizes the dog is not a threat.
Testing the water, Manuel offers his hand to make friends as Joaqui looks on, seems like he's giving it some thought.
Manuel, looks him straight in the eyes, assuring him it's okay to be friends with little boys like him.
Manuel let's Joaqui be familiarized with him, his smell, his touch. Hmmm.
Now, they're friends.
Good boy, ET. No Manuel, he's name is Joaqui.

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