Monday, August 24, 2009

Attention Difficulties, 7 Reasons to Say No to Pets

What did you say? You’re bringing home a puppy? I was shock and afraid of what I am hearing from my husband. Yeah, my husband is a good person but why is he trying so hard to make my life difficult?

He loves pets. He had all sort of animals as pets when he was a kid. However, it was his mother who took care of all of them. The poor lady looked after love birds, pigeons, roosters, colorful fishes in an aquarium, including seahorses, little turtles and an eel. Of course to top it all, she bathes half a dozen Pekingese.

Note: The Pekingese or Peke is also commonly referred to as a "Lion Dog", "Pelchie Dog", or "Foo (or Fu) Dog" due to its resemblance to the Chinese guardian lions. It is an ancient breed of toy dog, originating in China. It is the favored pet of the Chinese imperial court. Its name relates to the city of Beijing where the Forbidden City resides. The breed has several characteristics related to its unique appearance.

There are 7 reasons why I do not want to have a pet. Here I go . . .

  1. I never had a pet of my own, thus, I do not know how to take care of pets, unless it is a Korean bug, but even that can suffer the consequence of death in my hands.
  2. I really believe I do not have the time to look after a pet. I have two school kids to take care of and cater to their individual needs. It is not just having these pets (the animals, not the kids okay) in your home and leaving them in a cage or bowl, right?
  3. The food has a peculiar odor. Actually, even the pets do. They smell!
  4. I get rashes. No further explanation Your Honor.
  5. How about money, as in expenses, as in another living creature to feed, isn’t it?
  6. Provision for an area for the new kid in the block, that’s why. You need to have a space for the kiddo.
  7. What happens if I am not around? Who will feed the critter? Who will bathe him, etc., etc., etc.

There could be a hundred more valid reasons why I do not want to have a pet, but I need just a single very important one, for me to really take them in. And you know what? I do have one good reason. So welcome home my little doggies. I adopted two dogs!

My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet. Edith Wharton
You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' Dave Barry
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