Thursday, August 20, 2009

Private Dog Training

Hope you noticed the dog has a cigarette in his mouth. I saw him in a mall doing this trick.

Down boy, sit, stay! Pleeease!

Sorry, but I did not have my pets undergo dog obedience school training at the start. They just had to learn from me, the old-fashion way. I try to teach them now and then, on this and that, based on what is needed at that instance. Nothing formal, everything on a need basis.

However, whatever they learn or get accustomed to will be the foundation of how hard, easy and fun, life would be for you with regards to taking care of your dogs.

I kinda envy my friend Jim who has a tea-cup chihuahua, with medium coat, as he describes, who was formally trained for 3 months at age 6 months. Chuchay is now two years of age, giving joy to my friend Jim every time she does her sweet little show of sitting down, shaking paw, holding a basket and other adorable stints.

Jim shared that he was into pets since childhood. He practically grew up with dogs (plus a monkey, rabbits here, ducks there, chickens all over). Let's not forget the lizards! He added that this is so because they had a spacious backyard and a grandma who adores animals. With much emotion, he said they ate the chickens and ducks once in a while. He concluded with this, "It's really a blessing to have a pet who loves you unconditionally." I agree with Jim.

As I mentioned in my former post, I never had any pet when I was young, but I learned as time pass by. I read relevant materials like books and magazines, then I observed other dogs and their companions. Then I headed to asking the experts like the dog owners, both the newbies and the ones who have had dogs for some time now. With that, you will be able to compare the difficulties faced by the new owners and how the long-time owners were able to solve their pet problems. I did not limit myself to those who own the same breed of dogs like mine. You will learn a lot too with so many other owners. Though for specific issues of a certain breed, might as well consult those with dogs like yours. Breeders, pet shop owners and keepers were added to my list. Vets (veterinarian or veterinarian assistant) were not forgotten for advise during my dog's check-up and needed pet meds.

Aside from the challenge of potty training (and now the barking issue), my priority then was for my doggies to learn to stay on top of the grooming table. It is better if they get used to that at a young age. It can be done for a couple of minutes at the start, lengthening the time, day by day, until they learn to stay there without falling off the edge, without a leash.

Later on they got formal training to be able to join dog shows. Parallel to that, I had to walk them here and there to sustain the skills they've acquired. Like children, lessons are learned in school, from the environment and at home.

Photo taken in our bonsai garden where I used to groom the dogs when they were younger.

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