Monday, September 28, 2009

Crate Training

Crates . . .

Crates, I did not buy the idea at first. It felt like the dog will be inside a cage alone. I did not know better before. I have zero knowledge when I got my pet, remember.
I always picture cute dogs on top of the master's lap, inside a shiny red car. I even see this on TV, dogs peeping outside the window of a moving vehicle, the hair on their faces blown by the wind.

It is actually fun that way. My dogs have been crate-trained at a young age, more because of the need-basis.
This makes it easier for them to tag along when going somewhere, specially in dog shows or a visit to the veterinarian for their vet meds and immunization vaccines. My first dog was sick when we got him so we frequented the clinic of his pretty young vet.

They are also accustomed to riding vehicles for "not-so-short" drives (we live in the South), for we bring them go to pet-friendly places like Serendra, Eastwood and Tiendesitas for some exercise and socializing, both with dogs and human.

When they sense everyone has dressed up and with shoes on, they too are a bit excited. When we open the door of the crate, they go inside by themselves, cute in a way.

Lately, I put the crate inside the house. I observe that when they want some peaceful time, they go inside the crate. They just stay there a while to rest a little or sleep. One other thing they do? They go hide there when bath time comes.


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