Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dog as Pets, Video

When the Mouse is Away, the Dogs will Play


Young, yes. My dogs are young and have stayed very playful. I have to confess I love watching them at play at their free form, so to speak. What is good about having two of them is seeing them tag (or shall I say pull their teeth off) over a prey. I provide them with a toy, a hand towel with a knot at the middle.

I shall repeat what I have mentioned in my other post. You have to have fun with your pets, but the way you handle them will dictate how easy or difficult it would be caring for them. There may be pets that are by nature well-mannered or the opposite, but in-house training is a must for all pets.

Basic would be that they know their names when called, even if you're already yelling, at least they recognize their names. Good for your vocal chords.

I re-arranged the house to be pet-friendly, no delicate decors to destroy or demolish. I just ensure that my house is in tack after their play, lol.

When the mouse is away the dogs will play, that is, when my lap top mouse is at rest and I'm not blogging, I let my dogs play while I watch their show. Of course, there should be an end to the show, unless you have the whole day free and the house can take all that beating.

Click here to see them at stand still, good boys when not in motion.

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  1. Hi! Im impressed with your dogs. I also want to have a mini schnauzer someday. hope you don't mind giving me tips on how to choose a puppy and to take care of it. my email is 2pferdsg2@gmail.com. by the way im also a student of jomar hilario. thanks and God bless!

  2. Hi Ferds, read my August posts, there are tips on pet selection there. Just make sure you get a puppy that's healthy. You may even have it checked by the vet before bringing the pet home.