Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dog Show Awards . . . Award Trophies

It was like watching my children in a Quiz Bee competition or enlisting my sons in a declamation contest. These dog shows do give me butterflies in my tummy.

Before the shows, we make preparations for the dogs. We check their size and weight so we can do some tinkering in the proportions of their food and supplements, whether to increase or decrease the quantity. We check on the condition of their coat, including the length. We look into the rest of the grooming requirements like the nails, ears, eyes, etc. We ensure they practice the correct parade stint during their morning walks, not just for exercise but more, so they can have that winning gait. Of course, we should have that positive attitude that they will win.

In case, they don't win, then joining the show is counted as additional practice and experience. This is good exposure for the dog. They must be made at ease at the ring with the other dogs, both of their breed and those of the different breeds, sizes and even sounds.

Here, my heart was bursting with joy as I watch Joaqui hurdle the competition and bag the trophy, haaay!

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