Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dog Show Information, Video

My little schnauzer, so innocent yet so naughty and playful. Trying to walk with a graceful gait to please me in these dog shows.

Easy to look at, but a little challenging to get through with these dog shows. Much preparation is placed and much caring for the show dog is needed.

What are the basic things your dog must have to join and at least be competitive with the rest of the entries?
  1. The dog must have the needed documents and registered with the PCCI (Philippine Canine Club,Inc.).
  2. He must have the required updated (not expired) vaccinations, for rabies.
  3. He should be in pink of health because upon registration, the PCCI staff checks the dog physically.
Physical appearance:
1. How about pearly white teeth and fresh breath, now that would impress the judges.
2. The coat must be:
  • With a well-cared for look (at least not too much discoloration especially for the white ones)
  • has the appropriate cut and grooming for the specific breed
  • Just the right length
  • Shiny and fresh-smelling
3. Check for nails, ears and behind if clean.
4. Hopefully your dog is not too lean nor too fat.

Behavior inside the ring:
The dog:

  1. Must have a handler that can maximize the good movements of the dog during the parade in the ring. Other dogs need to bond with their handlers. The handler often uses a bait or a treat to have the dog follow his instructions.
  2. Should have enough exercise and training to look good in the ring and feel good as well, when the judges hold the dog's body during inspection.
  3. Is able to walk straight and with the head up, with the handler successful in directing the dog as requested by the judge (usually in a triangular path). Preferably does not eliminate inside the ring, especially when it's his turn to parade.
  4. Should not quarrel or bark endlessly on other dog competitors.
  5. Should not bite the judge when he is touched, especially when his mouth is being opened for inspection. Ouch! Grounds for disqualification.
  1. Socialize your dog with humans and other animals. Have him for long walks. That will be good exercise as well (not to mention it is more of a need than an option.
  2. Have the dog trained by the handler himself before the date of the show for bonding and practice.
  3. Don't forget to have fun in these dog shows. Even if your dog does not win this time, it's still good exposure for the little angel (or little devil, lol).
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